Forging Worlds

louispatalano —  April 16, 2015 — Leave a comment

Hi all,

My name is Louis Patalano. I’m the Associate Producer, and “Lore Master”, on Fated, and I’ll talk about how we came up with the concept for Fated.

Making a VR game is more than just a quest for an appealing mechanic; for us, it’s a fusion of experience and imagination.

Experience: We knew we wanted to tell a deep and touching story, but we also wanted to showcase the best that VR has to offer and provide a unique experience only possible in VR. So we tried to think up as many concepts as we could for a VR world, and while a lot of pioneers out there were already working on awesome VR experiences of their own, we wanted ours to have its own unique twist. Strangely, we constantly ended up coming back to giants. From steampunk metal giants to Greek titans and gargantuan behemoths, we weren’t sure what we wanted exactly, but we knew we wanted something BIG!

Imagination: Then we looked at the kind of universe we wanted, one that would feed our desire to create a touching story, but also provide the perfect setting for an amazing VR experience. We had always found Norse mythology very compelling, not to mention that we had yet to stumble upon a Norse game that did any level of justice to Ragnarök. We tried to imagine how mindboggling it would have been to be part of such a rich and powerful mythos, filled with gods, monsters and, of course, giants, all locked in a final battle destined to bring about the end the world.


So we went with what appealed to us most: awesome giant creatures and the rich universe of the Norse gods. And so was born Fated.

Here is a glimpse of what the first story has to offer:

We follow in the footsteps of a simple man who must do the impossible to ensure the survival of his family in a world where gods and giants have descended upon the nine realms to wage the great battle that would end the world.

We hope you’ll have the chance to see our game firsthand and accompany us on all the journeys that VR has yet to unravel!

Oh, and one last thing: trust me when I tell you that being charged by a 50-foot giant in VR will change your life forever!

Louis Patalano
IP Associate Producer

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