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cjeanfrima —  May 29, 2015 — Leave a comment


Hi everyone,

I present myself, Cyrille Jean. I just joined the Fated team as a brand manager. When I realised I was going to work on a virtual reality video game, I was really excited. Fated is an amazing project, of course because it is virtual reality, but also because it is set in the mythical age of Vikings. The world of Fated is filled with documented Norse mythology and it adds so much to experience. Viking, gods and giants, what’s not to like?

All I can say for the moment is that I see the team working really hard to make this VR game an immersive experience where you will feel a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from surprise, fright and tears. So far, they’re succeeding and it is going to continue. Honestly, I tried it and it was one of the best video game experiences of my life. So intense! I am really proud to be part of Fated adventure.

My job in the team will be to make sure this game is known by every gamer who possess a Virtual Reality headset in the world and make sure that they have no difficulty finding it when it will be for sale. I am sure you’re wondering what will I talk about in this blog… Generally, through this blog, I will share my opinion on the VR market and VR marketing initiatives.

So, if you are interested by privileged information, stay up to date via our Facebook and Twitter. The next months will overflow with amazing news and tips and tricks.

Looking forward to share with you soon.

Cyrille / Brand manager / @cyrillejean

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