A Peek at our Character Animation

@Vincent_Martel —  June 19, 2015 — 5 Comments

Hello VR fans,

In FATED we want players to be immersed in the world we created. We want them to feel connected to the characters they meet. To achieve this, we’re working with various animation techniques designed to make sure that our characters move and act in a realistic way.

As we stated earlier in the blog, we’re using motion capture for the character movements. When the character hops down from the chariot in the preview, we see how smoothly she moves even though it’s a pretty complicated movement. For facial expressions, we’re using Faceshift, a markerless motion capture software.

Finally, the hair and the other items are animated manually. We’re looking into other options to give the objects a more realistic feel by simulating the physics in Maya and baking it directly on the animated models.  

All three techniques are then combined in Unreal Engine 4.

What do you think? I think it’s going to look amazing!

Laurent Mercure / Community Manager / @laurentmercure

5 responses to A Peek at our Character Animation


    Looks very promising! Although the hair wisp looks a little weird 🙂



    Left a comment on the youtube video to share what I think about it even if I’m kinda late. Even if It was only a test, I felt I needed to share what I think was needed to be improved. Keep working, the game looks promising 🙂



    Amazing Work..!!



    please help me.. can you sengd faceshift via email for me.. i’m very need it.. its my email ronniebadoor@gmail.com


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