Modeling the world of Fated

Ève Mainguy —  August 20, 2015 — 1 Comment

Hello everyone!

My name is Ève Mainguy, and I’m Lead 3D Artist on FATED.

My work is very much focused on creating the environments the players will explore. In an atmospheric and immersive Virtual Reality experience like the one we’re creating, believable environments are essential. We’ve shown a lot of exterior settings in previous posts, but a good chunk of the adventure will take place in ancient mythical ruins. These underground caves have been there for ages, and they need to look the part.

sceneA room in the mythical ruins, work in progress.

My job consists of taking the concept pieces provided by our art director Marianne, translating them into models and textures, and integrating them in the game. We’re putting a lot of love in the overall art of FATED; even the simplest props are getting the full treatment.


Jute sacks concept art and their rendition in 3D

As a 3D artist, one of my duties involves overseeing the props to be made, and pinpointing every opportunity in which a mesh or a texture can be reused in each given area. For instance, the same mesh piece used for a sculpted column headdress can be reused on a ornate swinging blade. FATED is highly inspired by Classical Norse art, which includes a lot of intricate braided designs, so I had the opportunity to isolate these intricate interlaced patterns and reuse all of them on my props. This approach saves time while keeping the quality at the desired level.


Pictured: Time saved

Aside from environments and props, I’ve also worked on some of the characters you’ll meet in the game. We have revealed very little about the events unfolding in FATED, but the character you see below is Oswald and he is a key character in the story.

Oswald Character

Oswald, from concept to model


That’s all for this week, folks. I hope you enjoyed this peek into the work of a 3D artist. What are your thoughts on the art direction we’re taking with FATED? What would you be excited to see or read about in our next post?

Ève Mainguy / 3D Artist


Ève Mainguy


3D Artist at Frima Studio!

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