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It’s reveal day!

@Vincent_Martel —  November 24, 2015 — Leave a comment

Hello everyone,

We’ve been working very hard in the last few weeks on our first real press outreach. We reached out to 30 members of the press interested in VR and revealed the title of the first episode of Fated, The Silent Oath.

Along with this news, we confirmed our release for Q1 2016 and our intention to launch on the Oculus Rift, the PlayStationVR and the HTC Vive.

And we topped all of this with this new sweet key art.


Finally, we also launched our official website:

Getting noticed by the press is always a challenge! Our objective is that by the end of Q1 2016, everyone interested even slightly in Virtual Reality will have heard of Fated.

All we need is a little luck, and a lot of fate ; )

What do you think? What VR project caught your attention and how?

Laurent / Community Manager / @laurentmercure

Meet your daughter, Lif

@Vincent_Martel —  November 11, 2015 — 5 Comments


A few weeks ago, I promised to show you the end result of our animation pipeline. It kind of slipped my mind (sorry), but here it is! This short video includes the use of motion capture, “traditional” animation, facial tracking and a “look-at” system:


We are very happy with the result; it looks great in VR and the emotions really get through. The little girl featured in the clip is Lif, the daughter of the character you portrait in FATED. She has the feeling that you’re mad at her for something, but she doesn’t know what.

What do you think?

Vincent Martel / Producer /  @Vincent_Martel