Meet your daughter, Lif

@Vincent_Martel —  November 11, 2015 — 5 Comments


A few weeks ago, I promised to show you the end result of our animation pipeline. It kind of slipped my mind (sorry), but here it is! This short video includes the use of motion capture, “traditional” animation, facial tracking and a “look-at” system:


We are very happy with the result; it looks great in VR and the emotions really get through. The little girl featured in the clip is Lif, the daughter of the character you portrait in FATED. She has the feeling that you’re mad at her for something, but she doesn’t know what.

What do you think?

Vincent Martel / Producer /  @Vincent_Martel

5 responses to Meet your daughter, Lif


    Looking good!!



    There’s a pop going on when she changes emotions and the head turn is a bit biased on the axis (first down then across). Her shoulders don’t droop enough to show the shift between happy and sad, and that really nice animation in the hands when she’s flapping her a



      sorry, keyboard freaked out….

      (continued) when she’s flapping her hands is cut short as they become the standard relax position at her side. The hands should show a bit of her the nervous tone in her voice. Shifting her stance might help too. Her eyebrows shouldn’t be static between emotions. The transition between emotions might help if she realized what she was saying as she looked at you (smile to frown) THEN turned from one direction (remembering) THEN turned downward into the nervous question.



    No Follow through on that arm drop either…sorry if this seems harsh. The animation is good, but it can be better, and not telling you isn’t going to make it better.


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