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@Vincent_Martel —  December 14, 2015 — 7 Comments


Hello everyone,

Instead of talking about the progress of the game today, I thought it would be interesting to share a little bit about my work and challenges as community manager for a VR game, a still-in-development VR game at that.

Where are you? I want to talk to you!

Even though you can find a good number of enthusiasts who exchange passionately on the subject of virtual reality on the Web, VR is still very niche. And since this game-changing technology is not even out for the end consumer yet, it will probably stay niche for quite a while. Because there are so few VR fans in the vastness of the Web, they tend to form small clusters or groups. My challenge is to find them, engage with them, read what they have to say, and introduce them to Fated.


Using our own @Fatedgame handle on Twitter, I follow conversations orbiting around hashtags such as #VR, #oculusrift and #virtualreality. Doing that, I can easily spot influencers who could possibly bring Fated to the attention of a lot of people. Twitter is also a good place to forge relationships with specialized media outlets. The nice people at @Polygon@VRFocus, @RtoVR and @Riftarcade have been particularly kind to us.



Often overlooked, reddit is a great place to engage with passionate communities. I relay every blog post we write and every article we get on the oculus subreddit. Some of the links generated a lot of interest, and now I feel that most Oculus redditors have read something about Fated at some point.



We have our own (pretty small at the moment) Facebook page for Fated. But the real potential I see there rests in the Facebook groups. With only a quick research, I found a dozen of groups dedicated to this new medium. People in these groups are passionate: they share articles, blog posts about their projects, and new ideas. Here are a few groups I recommend joining:

So that’s pretty much it. The closer we get to the release of the VR headsets and Fated, the more fans will emerge and the more exciting this is all going to be. Once our game is out, we will probably attend more trade shows, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of you there!

Tell us where you hang out on the Web to read about virtual reality and share your passion!

Laurent / Community Manager / @laurentmercure


7 responses to Looking for the #VR community


    @OpaqueGoggles is happy to see this post 🙂 just came across it in the VIRTUAL REALITY group on FB. started to follow you, Fated looks pretty impressive, love the beautiful graphics! Laurent, you have already listed valuable VR sources here (thx!), look forward to an update, if there is a so-far-hidden VR community we must join



    Good stuff. Been following the Fated blog for a bit now. I’m head of a VR dev company GalactaVision, and share our knowledge of all things VR both online and in public spaces. I also write for the VR community on ZapChain.com, which you should check out! Is there a review demo to be had? I’d love to check out what your doing, and will write up a review for you/share to our (also still pretty small but it’s early ) social sites.

    Thanks for reaching out to the community.

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    Hey! A long-time follower here. I’m just curious. When is the first trailer coming out? There are many people who still don’t know what this game is all about. I’ve read everything you’ve posted here and Fated is exactly the type of game I’m looking forward to play in VR but I doubt the majority would want to read all of that. So why not make a trailer?

    -a fan

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      Hello thesithlord and thank you for being a fan! We’re still unsure when we’ll be releasing our first trailer for Fated. Our plan at the moment is to create a teaser then improve it into a full trailer when we get very close to the launch. Making a trailer, especially for a VR game is complicated. Once our teaser is ready, we’ll count on our few dedicated fans to spread the word!


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